Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The kitchen chairs are patiently waiting in the living room while the paint dries in the kitchen, hopeful to return to there home tomorrow. I like the play of the light and shadows behind the chairs.

Lesson #2 - never leave home without your camera! I was driving to work today and there was the most beautiful frost on the trees in the parking lot. I was so excited to take some photos until I couldn't find my camera. Unfortunately, the frost was gone before noon and well there was not much light left in the day by the time I got home. It has been interesting to search my house for something interesting to take a photo of, sometimes you find beauty in unexpected places.


ezeldabeth said...

the light play in this is beautiful...i totally don't like the colors in the photo, yet i am drawn into it because of the lighting

Kelly said...

I tried to do a little color correcting on this one, but I just could not get it to look the way I wanted it. I do have olive walls in the living room so this what I get when I don't use my flash.

It was the shadows that made me take the photo.