Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today I brought dinner over to some good friends that just had a baby. She was the baby that only wanted to sleep, completely uninterested in anything else. So sweet, yet they change so quickly.
On a side note I am posting this really late because I was busy taking down all the tape in our kitchen from painting. I have to say I really love the new color on the walls.

Lesson #4 - don't wait to fix up something that is bothering you. You will just wish that you had done it sooner when you finally get around to it!


ezeldabeth said...

Is it ok to offer suggestions? (I would like you to on mine)

Kelly said...

Please do offer suggestions - I would love to hear them.

ezeldabeth said...

this is really cute and i am amazed by the detail in the jammies and fingers (well done!) makes me think of gunther and his NRA comments ...i would love to see this with the hand offset a bit rather than centered - i think it would make it an even stronger photo! ... can i see the color version too?