Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I got the chance to actually take some photos in the studio. I have not done any photoshop work on it yet, but will need to as it will potentially entered into the gallery show we do at work each year.

Lesson #3 - Check focus! I did not even notice until just now that I never did focus the camera on the chip - which would be preferable. We were working fast today since the gal I was working with needed to leave early, so I forgot to check my focus before the final images! I have another one with this same problem.  Oh well, still like the photo anywho!


ezeldabeth said...

i just posted mine and clicked over here and WOW! you really take the most wonderful food photos!...i didnt even notice the chip/focus ... but i know that i so hate when i find that out after the fact...i love all the colors

Kelly said...

Thank you. I know I just told you not to be hard on yourself, but that is exactly what I do at work. I watch these amazing photographers create awesome photos everyday, so I always feel a little inadequate so I don't get in the studio very often.

Kelly said...

Opps! I meant....inadequate SINCE I don't get in the studio very often.

I would love to be in the studio a lot more!